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Gambling coupon in las vegas illinois gambling 13 billion matching If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.

One way to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your gambling bankroll when you visit Las Vegas is to use gambling coupons. The most common type of gambling coupon is known as a Matchplay, which essentially is a bet made on your behalf by the casino. Matchplays can be used on any wager that pays even money e. In either case a Matchplay coupon can only be used once once the decision is rendered, the dealer will take the Matchplay coupon and place it into the drop box. A Matchplay coupon is worth a little less than half the face value of the coupon.

According to our resident Wizard of Odds, Michael Shackelford, on even money bets it is the probability of winning times the face value of the coupon. In blackjack, for example, the probability of winning is Another valuable gambling coupon is the blackjack gambling coupon in las vegas coupon that pays either a 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 bonus on your first blackjack hand.

During my coupon run I noticed that some casinos let you decide whether or not you want to use the coupon when you get your first blackjack. You obviously need to be dealt a blackjack in order to capitalize on the bonus blackjack coupon. Shackelford provided me with the following equation to compute the rough value of a 3 to 1 blackjack bonus coupon.

Amount wagered x 1. To use it, just place the coupon on the layout with a bet and the dealer will skip over you the first time he deals around because your coupon represents an ace. If your next card is a ten or picture card, you automatically have a blackjack. Stanford Wong, in his book Basic Blackjackreported that a player has a One of the most valuable gambling coupons that I las vegas across during my coupon run is the 2 to 1 blackjack bonus at the Golden Gate casino in downtown Las Vegas.

With this coupon you get paid 2 to 1 rather than 1. According to Shackelford, the rough value of the Golden Gate coupon is equal to the amount bet times number of hands per hour times 0. Before you can use gambling coupons you have to get them. They are readily available and the ones I used for my coupon run came from these sources: You can obtain an up to date listing of casinos that offer funbooks with gaming coupons by visiting www.

For example, Park Place Entertainment properties currently offers a funbook with several Matchplay coupons. Many Las Vegas show tickets have a Planet hollywood casino employment coupon imprinted on the back of the ticket. So check them out for a Matchplay before you toss those receipts!

It is an annual perk given to subscribers of the Las Vegas Advisor monthly consumer newsletter the latter provides ongoing valuable information on the best values for visitors to Las Vegas. The POV is updated annually and the edition contains coupons covering deals for rooms, buffets, general dining, show discount, and gambling. You can view a complete list of coupons contained in the POV by going to www. For more details visit their web site www. Here are tips on how a recreational player can best make use of the gaming coupons note: You also get the most value with a Matchplay coupon by betting the maximum amount allowed on the coupon e.

However, the more you bet, the greater your risk. In my coupon run I used a hit and run approach. As soon as I won or lost a Matchplay I was off the table. Bonus Blackjack Coupons - When you use a coupon that pays 3 or 2 to 1 on your coupon blackjack, your optimum strategy is to use the correct basic strategy on every hand and bet the maximum amount specified on the coupon.

However, if you bet the maximum allowed on the coupon do so with the understanding that you are taking on a much greater risk. One time I hit a blackjack on my first hand; in another I waited an agonizingly long 1. You can accomplish the latter by playing when the casino is the least crowded the coupon can be used from noon till midnight — I chose to play at noon on Monday.

Also, to maximize the number of hands dealt to you over the hour, sit at a table that uses a Continuous Shuffling Machine CSM rather than a hand shuffled game. Also scout the dealers beforehand and try to play with one that deals fairly fast I say this because from my experience the casino had several slow, rookie dealers. Shackelford and my blackjack brethren on www. Again this strategy will allow you to get as many hands dealt to you during the hour when the 2 to 1 bonus payout is in effect at hands per hour your expectation is to get 5 blackjacks; at hands per hour, you expectation is 7 blackjack hands.

A word a caution about the Golden Gate Coupon. Most of the ones I used specified that the coupons are void if you detach them prior to redemption. That means you must bring the entire book of coupons with you to the table and detach the coupon in front of the dealer you can place the coupon on the table but not the coupon book. Gambling coupon in las vegas state that you could only use a certain number of them per day.

I found his out when I tried to use a valuable Free Ace coupon at the Lady Luck casino and was told they had discontinued the coupon in April. One final tip on using the 3 to 1 bonus blackjack coupon comes from LV Pro, the alias of a skilled blackjack player whose scintillating reports of his playing adventures in Las Vegas regularly appear in the free Blackjack Insider Newsletter www. LV Pro uses different techniques to gain the edge when he plays blackjack including skagit valley casino pacific showroom the 3 gambling aids 1 blackjack bonus coupons at a Super Fun 21 game, which ironically has worst odds than a traditional blackjack game.

I've had no problems playing them at SF21 games. I even had one floorman invite me to play a second coupon when he saw I was about to depart after redeeming the first one. Even though the coupon states that only one per person is to be used per day, I've played more than one in the same pit under the eyes of the same pit crew several times.

Imagine playing a decently cut single deck game where not only can you double on any two, but also you can double on any number of cards. Imagine you can not only surrender any hand, but surrender after doubling down. You can double after splitting. You can resplit to 4 hands, including aces. You can hit and double down on those split aces. Any six card unbusted hand is an automatic winner, and any five or more card hand totaling 21 pays And a blackjack in diamonds pays The reason the casino gives you these wonderfully liberal rules with one hand is that they are taking away the normal blackjack payoff with the other.

The fact that they only pay even money on naturals is their one big advantage. The gambling of playing the coupon at the SF21 table is that it totally negates their edge. In fact it obliterates it. It wipes out their edge and buries it in the desert. For the minutes you are playing the coupon, you have a whopping 8. And that's just flat betting quarters without spreading.

Without the coupon you are at a 0. With a fistful of coupons, you play at one casino until you hit the snapper, then move to the next casino and play another one, gambling coupon in las vegas. Even with travel diluting your table time, that 8. Any advantage player would kill for a consistent edge of that magnitude. Also, if you want to use the coupon at a SF21 table you best learn the basic strategy gambling coupon in las vegas this game because it is different than the basic strategy for a traditional blackjack game see www.

Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas has a bunch of Casinos offering great Sign-Up bonuses and Coupons for free Gambling money. When you sign up for the Player's Club at a casino (which is totally free), the casino will usually give you a coupon book with some choice, valuable coupons. You can buy an additional coupon book from Las Vegas Advisor for $37 [], which includes even more gambling coupons (as well as.

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